White Topaz Drop Earrings


Blinded by the light. Revved up cause these earrings even sparkle in the night.

These white topaz drop earrings have turned me into a lyrical genius. Probably because they’re so lightweight thanks to the sterling silver. Plus, the lever back closures keep them secure so I’m never worried about one falling off. Now that I’m not wasting so much mental energy worried about my earrings I can dedicate myself to my true passion: poorly written parodies of classic rock songs.

It’s a nice day for white topaz. It’s a nice day for diamonds haloooooos.

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  • Sterling silver for comfortable all day wear
  • Leverback closure for a secure fit
  • White topaz for an affordable sparkle
  • Diamond halo for an even bigger look
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LAU# E0180WT-55C