Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring


Circa 1940, platinum engagement ring with a 1.33ct center marquis shaped diamond, K/L color with I1 clarity. Two tapered baguettes are the perfect compliment to the bright center diamond. Much like the inspiration for the marquise diamond, this ring is the epitome of grace and beauty, with an unexpected surprise. This stunning ring is under $5,000.

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In the court of Versailles in 1745, King Louise XIV tasked his court jeweler with the creation of a diamond shape. The King's best friend, most trusted advisor, and greatest love, Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, was also the epitome of grace and beauty, and he wished for her most breathtaking feature, her smile, to be captured forever in the form of a diamond. With this request, the marquise diamond was created. The marquise shape has withstood the test of time and is one of the most flattering diamond shapes available today. The elongated shape of the marquise draws the eyes up and creates the illusion of longer and thinner fingers. 

The shape of the marquise maximizes carat weight. A marquise diamond appears much larger than a round or a princess shape of the same weight. Marquise diamonds have high brilliance and fire. Their sparkle, when combined with their dramatic shape, creates a jaw-dropping look, especially when set in a classic and elegant setting.

  • Platinum
  • 1.33ct marquis diamond K/L color I1 clarity
  • 0.40ct tapered baguettes
  • Can be sized

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