1970s Heuer Calculator Watch


The Heuer Calculator watch is the epitome of a tool watch, designed for those who wanted a slide rule on their wrist for conducting mathematical calculations. Its large out bezel rotates while the inner bezel remains fixed, you simply rotate the outer bezel to perform your calculations.

This was a watch designed for function over style, and I’m not sure that it ever caught on outside of those who had a genuine need for a portable slide rule.  Because of that this watch now stands out as a rare and unusual vintage Heuer model that you aren’t likely to see on anyone else.

The Heuer Calculator is a large watch, coming in at 45mm. This watch is substantial, noticeable, and still functional as both a watch and slide rule. This particular watch does show signs of wear with minor scratches on the crystal, worn edges along the outer bezel, a small amount of lume missing from the hour hand, and various minor scratches among the case. Overall this watch is a great example of these rare and mysterious calculator watches.

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  • Circa 1970s
  • Stainless Steel
  • 45mm diameter
  • 16mm thickness
  • Tritium Lume
  • Lug Width 22mm