1969 Gycine Airman PAT 314.050


Owning a Glycine Airman is like owning a piece of watchmaking history yet it has a rather quaint beginning. In 1953 sales director Samuel W. Glur was on a flight from Bangkok to Calcutta when he wandered into the cockpit and struck up a conversation with the Captain about what he wanted in a watch. Even though aviation was a regular part of life now there hadn’t much improvement in watches designed for pilots. The Breitling Navitimer, released in 1952, was an absolute marvel for pilots and allowed for quick calculations, but it still had some limitations.

What the Captain said he wanted was an automatic, waterproof watch with a calendar function and a 24-hour dial with centralized hour, minute and second hands with a rotating 24-hour bezel. That’s exactly what Glycine made.

Glycine released the first Airman in 1953, and it has been producing them ever since. This particular Airman was purchased on October 14, 1969, it is No. 917281, and comes with its original box and papers. For its age, this watch is in great shape. It clearly didn’t sit in a box for 50 years, but it was well cared for. The dial and bezel are very readable, the majority of the lume on the hands and dial is intact, and the bezel rotates as it should when the guard is loosened. There are some minor scratches on the crystal and signs of wear on the case itself, and the only thing this watch seems to need is a band.

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  • PAT 314.050
  • 36mm screw-back case
  • rotating bezel
  • automatic Felsa movement
  • Stainless steel
  • original box and papers
  • Anti-magnetic
  • INCABLOC Shock protection
  • Heavy, stainless steel, rustproof, water protected case
  • automatic calendar with magnifier over date aperture
  • Special 24 hour dial with luminous dots and hangs
  • Sweep second-stop for time-setting to-the-second
  • Safety lock for outer dial
This is a vintage watch and is recommended for experienced watch owners. Vintage watches can be quirky and require more patience, care, and love than a modern watch. While it is uncommon, unforeseen problems may occur and may not be fully covered by Nelson Coleman Jewelers.