Gem Tasting

Have a taste of the world of gemstones with world-renounced gem faceter Roger Dery. You’ll have access to nearly 200 parcels of gemstones of all kinds, colors, and qualities. Parcels include single stones, matched pairs, and suites of color.


Who is Roger Dery?
He is a movie star. Literally. World-renowned gem faceter Roger Dery, began his consciously sourced gem design business 36 years ago, and since then, has won two American Gem Trade Association Cutting Edge Awards, an honor equivalent to an Oscar. He is also the subject of a documentary on sourcing gemstones, “Sharing the Rough”.
He is in demand. Roger is sought after for his transparency: he only buys from local professionals, a practice which benefits African families and the African economy. He imports his rough gems legally and transparently into the U.S., where he performs the faceting work himself, an uncommon practice in the gem industry. After Roger purchases the gem, it never leaves his hands.
He pays it forward. Roger is dedicated to educating those who reside within economies from where he buys his gems. In 1999, Roger consulted on the development of a gem cutting school in Namibia. He regularly contributes to the Arusha Gemmological & Jewelry Training Centre in Tanzania, the Voi, Kenya faceting school, and the Kitarini Maasai Children’s School. In June Roger traveled to Malawi to train gem rough dealers.
He is a man of his word. One of only 175 full-time gem faceters in North America, Roger has made 31 trips to Africa to source his own rough gems, a rarity in the industry. To promote the merits of socially conscious sourcing, Roger has taken retailers and faceters with him to Africa, yet he remains the only faceter in the U.S. who routinely travels to the African continent to source his gems.

What kind of gems will I see?
There will be gems from numerous countries with a majority of gemstones from Africa because Roger travels there most often. There will be a selection of colors and qualities in any given species because you know “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Even though the trade specifies a “best color,” you might fall in love with a different hue!

Does Roger facet each gemstone from rough?
Roger facets a large majority of the gems himself from their rough state. There are a few, such as Tanzanite, Ruby, Blue Sapphire, and Blue Zircon that countries only allow to be exported as faceted gems. Roger will use the natively faceted piece as a “pre-form” and then facet to his standards.
The benefit to you is that you can be assured of transparency because Roger selects rough, imports, and then facets it himself. The entire process occurs through one man.

How many gemstones will we see?
We will pass about 70 gemstone parcels around the table, though we will bring about 200. Some will be single stones, some matched pairs, and some suites for bracelets.

Are all the gems faceted?
Roger is a “precision flat faceter” which means you are guaranteed the gems have the highest brilliance and sparkle possible because of the way he executes his self-created designs. Flat faceting refers to facets being placed on a stone as they would on a diamond in a pattern. On occasion, Roger will cut cabochons and other unique cutting styles.

How much will the gemstones cost?
There will be gemstones as low as $300 and as high at $50,000. The majority of the gems will be in the $1,200 – $2,000 range.