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How to Buy Diamonds for Engagement Rings

Video Transcription

Hi guys! It’s Cara at Nelson Coleman. Welcome back!

Wanted to talk a little bit about engagement rings as a whole. When it comes to whether you buy them in components. Loose diamond and perhaps the semi-mount. Or whether you buy it already set up, ready to go. Ready to go for that special moment.

So it really depends. We have a really great inventory department here at Nelson Coleman. We really focus on looking at the latest trends. But also looking at the classic pieces that people are always going to love. And something that’s going to be the perfect piece for your bride-to-be.

And that’s where pre-set rings come in. We have a large selection when it comes to the diamonds that we have here already set into beautiful settings. Some platinum, some white gold, a few yellow gold as well.

And when it comes to that it’s really great because it’s here. You’re able to visualize it all together. And it deals with going with some staple pieces, that’s something that she’s really going to love.
If you decide that you want something a little bit more customized, there’s a great route to go where you can select your loose diamond. And we have a plethora of semi-mounts here.

And semi-mounts means, you have diamonds on the side, nothing in the center. So if anything, I can sit that diamond into the center of it. For you to get kind of a picture of what your engagement ring would look like.

Right now, we have probably about 300 semi-mounts that you can just kind of take a look at and really browse through. Some you can purchase. It’s probably even closer to the 500, 600 range because we have something called a designer model. And that’s basically through a few of our designers. It’s an alloy that you can take a look at. Looks just like the real deal. Main difference, we’re able to facilitate getting so many more in here because of the fact that we can get them in an alloy metal with cubic zirconia. So you can take a look.

Let me show you real quick a semi-mount. So you can kind of get a gauge of what I’m talking about. Ok.

And then here are some fun pre-set rings. This here is a 2.67 emerald cut diamond in a beautiful halo. And it’s set. So I can jingle it around and nothing’ll come out.

And then just for a gauge for you. What we would really try to do if you wanted it a little more customized, is obviously to pull a diamond for you that you can take a look. All by itself and really get a gauge. Like the one I showed you before. And I can actually take this and set it right on top of the ring. So you can get an overall picture.

And keep in mind, that’s customized to a point. But we also can take it even further from there and make something completely customized. A vision of your own. So please, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Thanks so much! Talk to you soon.