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At Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we offer certified loose diamonds at an affordable price. Buy our loose diamonds online or visit us in store to view our vast selection of available loose diamonds. Nelson Coleman Jewelers employs Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified gemologists to answer every question you have and to help you throughout your loose diamond buying process. Nelson Coleman Jewelers is the best place to buy loose diamonds! Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns, and fill out the form below with your loose diamond inquiries.

Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying loose diamonds has many benefits to the purchaser. Loose diamonds are easily customizable; you have the ability to purchase a unique diamond, then set it to your liking. This customizability is not available with pre-set jewelry. Along with this, it is much harder to hide blemishes in loose diamonds. GIA certified experts can more easily assess the quality of your diamond before it is set into jewelry. By buying loose diamonds, you can guarantee that the diamond you purchased is up to your quality standards. Nelson Coleman Jewelers has a variety of loose diamonds available in store at an affordable price, with free shipping available!

Simply fill out the form below with the quality and cut of diamond you’re looking for, and a GIA Certified Specialist will reach out to you shortly with options! Looking to browse loose diamonds online? Click here.

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