Meet Our Staff

Sales Team

Jaci 2018 Staff Photo
Jaci Schleigh
Sales Associate, Designer
Magical Unicorn
Jaci has a B.S. in Jewelry Design and is a certified Accredited Jewelry Professional. She has been part of the jewelry industry since 2003 and has the knowledge, experience, and passion for designing a wide variety of custom jewelry. Jaci strives to ensure products will meet and exceed client’s expectations.

Sarah H 2018 Staff Photo
Sarah Hieronimus
Sales Associate
Sports Devotee
Sarah is Diamond Certified by DCA with a no BS attitude. She will help you find the perfect piece, make shopping a breeze, and tell you when each Ravens game is.

Shirl 2018 Staff Photo
Shirl Hux
Sales Associate
Grill Goddess
Shirl is a people person and troubleshooter. She can help you when you are unsure or have a problem. Even if you know what you want, she’ll tell you all about your special piece.

Marie 2018 Staff Photo
Marie Gantz-Hoerr
Sales Associate
Outdoor Explorer
You will feel like you are shopping with your best friend when you work with Marie. She loves making customers satisfied and happy with a meaningful piece of jewelry. Marie will help you find that rare special piece to express exactly how you feel.

Repair Team

Claire Landefeld
Repair Manager
Master in the Kitchen
Claire is a realist and highly experienced in retail and fixing problems. She enjoys taking in old rundown family heirlooms, bringing them back to life, and seeing customer’s elated reactions.

Erik 2018 Staff Photo
Erik Gerhardt
Bench Jeweler
Music Connoisseur
Erik has been our in-house bench jeweler since the fall of 2011. He has a prior 18 years experience including use of a laser welder. He continues his education with classes and certificates as in the Stewart International School for Jewelers, Zantech Inc., Gemological Institute of America, Blaine Lewis’ New Approach School for Jewelers, and Laser Star. Erik prides himself on his high-quality standards and ensures his customer’s satisfaction, trust, and loyalty.

Susie 2018 Staff Photo
Susie Vernick
Repair and Custom Specialist
Bridal Story Enthusiast
Susie has been with our family since 2006. She is a Diamond Graduate of GIA and AGS certified Registered Jeweler. She treats everyone like a part of her own family and works diligently for any customer’s need.

Julie 2019 Staff Photo
Julie Gouldener
Customer Service Specialist
Mom of Chickens
Julie is an Applied Jewelry Professional of the Gemological Institute of America. You can see her face light up when you bring in your precious pieces. She enjoys giving you the experience of seeing a repaired heirloom piece as brand new again.

Meghan 2018 Staff Photo
Meghan Stone
Support Specialist
Clay Creationist
Meghan is down-to-earth and enthusiastic in all of her support. She has a hand in changing watch batteries, merchandizing inventory, and online products. Meghan likes hearing the history of jewelry and sharing stories when she intakes repairs.

Back Office Team

Jodi 2018 Staff Photo
Jodi Cockey
World Traveler
Jodi is currently the bookkeeper within the accounting department with over 24 prior years of office experience. She is enthusiastic about jewelry and all of it’s significance.

Amie 2018 Staff Photo
Amie Benson
Inventory Manager
Living the Dream
Amie has earned her Graduate Gemologist Degree and has worked with us since summer of 2004. She lives to hand select the very best diamonds to meet our customer’s expectations of quality and cost.

Sarah G 2018 Staff Photo
Sarah Goggins
Marketing Director
Master Crafter
Sarah has been with us since 2010 and has moved up in the company. She spends her time surfing the web and designing creative ads and postcards galore.